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Welcome to our blog. Cawfee Tawk Moms is a blog with two voices.
One being myself, I’m the stay at home suburban mom.
And then we have my lovely cousin and  first time mom Phuong, she’s the working city mom.

A little about us: we were both born in Vietnam and grew up together in Brooklyn, New York – hence the cawfee tawk. Right now our lives are very different. I am a domesticated suburban stay at home mom while Phuong juggles work and baby, living in New York and eating take out most nights. Together we are going to give you a look into how different our lives are. The things we do have in common are our values, and our love for family and our little ones. Somewhere in between all this, we’ll throw in some of things we used to love the most before babies came into the picture, like fashion, art, music and a few other shallow topics.

Enjoy! xoxo

Ly & Phuong

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