missoni for target coming tomorrow

September 12th, 2011 § 0 comments § permalink

by suburban mom

you know how much i obsessed over the missoni bugaboo collabo with neiman’s? well i’m pretty sure you all know that tomorrow missoni for target will be available online and in stores. they’ve released the look book a while back but apparently there are 400 pieces total to include in women’s, men’s, children’s, home goods, shoes, and more.

I can’t wait to go see if this will look as cute in person. i’m thinking the clothes might be a no go if it’s too cheap looking. but most of the home accessories i’ve seen are FABULOUS! i want the quilted blanket, plates, and mugs. also wondering if i can get away with getting grandma the silk scarf below. my mom collects scarves. also definitely buying a makeup bag and rain boots for ryely.

mama style: swedish hasbeens

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by city mom

on memorial day weekend, we hung out with my cousins and all the kiddies. this is us in the city. i hope we can do more of these mama and baby style blogs.

mama is wearing:

top by gap, blazer by j.crew, shorts by gap and swedish hasbeens clog sandals

baby is wearing:

top by gap, shorts by gap and no shoes cause we were letting our piggies hang out.

mother’s day wish list

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by suburban mom

all i want on mother’s day honestly is just some good ol r and r. standing for rest and relaxation not river and ryder or ryely and ryan or any of the above. but i thought it would be fun to put together a nice blog of the things that i like and some things that i know my own mama would love. she always pretends and acts like she doesn’t like the finer things in life but it’s a lie. i listed some of the things with her and my sisters in mind. love you!

my favorite cupcakes from sprinkles. thank you for coming to the dc area and thank you to all the people who are still waiting on that ridiculous line at georgetown cupcakes. hopefully you won’t get hip to sprinkles anytime soon.

i heart ysl and i can’t live without my makeup essentials. i recently cleaned out my makeup and discovered i had close to 6 bronzer compacts and at least 4 blushes.

hmmm can’t ever have enough lip glosses and lipsticks, in this case a whole array of lip colors in one compact from nars. i have a ysl one that i use, the truth is you buy the whole thing but you end up only using one or two favorite colors and the rest is still in tact. well at least that’s what all my compacts look like.




















i wanna eat all these colors. i’m really loving all these fun bright nail polishes from essie, my favorite brand of polish. hopefully i will part from my go-to french mani and pedi and put one of these colors on my toes for the summer.

colors are clambake, super bossa nova, peach daiquiri, and too too hot.

i love all the fragrances from jo malone. my sister and mom swear by jo malone perfume. i do too, i just steal some from them to use. these candles are a limited edition collection of decorated home candles by david hicks. he was a famous british interior designer known for his bold fabrics and patterned carpets – like the design on this candle here.

can someone please tell me where i can go to get some good french macarons without going to paris? i need to consume this…

… and this. i need to throw back a few of these when those bebes drive me crazy. my sister makes this awesome watermelon-tini that we actually call a thaoski named after her. i will give that recipe out later so look for that, it’s the best cocktail ever.

matsuri sushi restaurant in miami. my all time favorite sushi joint, i have dreams about the sushi here. i’m coming for you in september sashimi salad. we will be reunited soon! xo

my favorite vietnamese lacquer artist dinh quan. i brought a painting back by this artist for my sister and we surprised her for xmas.

when will you marry by paul gauguin. i love his work for the actual art and artistic style and subject matter because it speaks to me -NOT for the artist because i don’t like him personally.


my mom has a collection of beautiful hermes scarves that everyone is always trying to get their hands on. i would totally buy her a new hermes to add to her collection but she has too many already. just kidding she can never have enough but $760 for this beauty is a little over my budget. sorry not this year moms. ryely is one day going to inherit her grandma’s scarf collection. lucky girl.

waiting for someone to hand me down a chanel bag cause i don’t see myself buying one anytime soon. this one is for my sister who loves chanel and is always getting more. happy mother’s day big sis.¬†this classic quilted flap bag in grained calf is hot! when ryely gets a job she’ll buy her auntie this.

my favorite marc jacobs wallet but mine is a eggplant color. i refused to let go of this wallet. loving this quilted leather zip clutch in this color.

lana flirt gold hoop earrings. they’re only $640. my sister is crazy and seems to lose her lana earrings like they’re $10 earrings. maybe she can get me these for mother’s day, i will glue them onto my ears.

the truth is this is what i would love for just one day. to be on a beach alone drinking a nice cold beer listening to the sound of nature sans kids and hubster. i’ll be thinking about you all. just kidding, i won’t really but i’ll pretend to.

mommy loves her babies and i’m overjoyed that i am blessed enough to be a momma and can get homemade cards from ryely and sugas from my twins. happy mother’s day weekend to all the moms out there!