mini style: girls summer shoe sale

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by suburban mom

I love nothing more than a good sale especially a shoe sale!

Stella McCartney Kids Linda: Girl’s cork thick sole sandals now $63

April Showers Edda orange clogs from $141 to $56.40! I really want to order these for Ryely but I’m sure it’s not very comfortable.

From the same site that I love are these Bensimon flo denim ballerina shoes only $32.57

Zara Kids basic canvas lace up shoes on sale for $19.99

all the rage: japanese erasers

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by suburban mom

if you’ve been reading my blog, you know that for ryely’s birthday she asked for GOMU ERASERS. you know i drew a complete blank and had no idea what these things were. i couldn’t believe that all she wanted were just some silly erasers. i had to ask her over and over again, erasers? really? i mean what could be so special about these erasers? and i told her “you already have tons of erasers for school”.

i could not figure out why this little girl would want a school supply so badly. so i told her we had plenty of erasers. then she asked for them again during our little interview so i had to go out on my quest to find out what these erasers were. my first stop was Michael’s craft store because i was there getting some easter goodies for the kids and they told me they were sold out!

anytime i hear the words SOLD OUT, i’m like those crazy moms on xmas eve trying to fight someone over that last singing dancing elmo or whatever hot toy is in. i’m totally kidding, i would never fight another mom over a toy nor was i ever the type of mom that was interested in getting the hottest “it” toy for the season. but i will fight someone – if i have to.

well lucky for me, ryely has never been inerested in any “it” toys – until now. so the quest for the gomu erasers went on, and i thought to myself, well there was a CVS in the same shopping center, let me stop in there. i ask a sales person and they had no idea and they asked me what it was and truthfully i had no idea either, i literally thought they were just some erasers in shapes of animals (this is what ryely described to me). so needless to say, it was a no go at the cvs. mission failed.

so the next day, i said to myself that i would either go to Target of Toy’s r Us but those stores are pretty far away from where we live so i stopped by a local toy store first and finally someone knew exactly what i was looking for. the sales girl told me that kids are calling them gomu erasers but they are actually japanese erasers and i was in luck because they had a whole stand selling these erasers. while i was picking out ryely’s gift, i felt like a kid in a candy store. these japanese erasers appealed to my inner child and my need to collect all things cute. and these things were beyond CUTE!

i want them all. at .99 cents a pop for each little eraser, this sure was adding up fast. but alas ryely got what she wanted for her birthday. ryely tells me that her friends are trading these at school -don’t worry, i’m checking all back packs and pockets before she goes to school because i don’t condone trading at school. that’s just recipe for trouble and we don’t want that. so i told her mommy will hold onto to her precious gomu erasers and we can collect them together. hehe i love that me and ryely can share toys and have something in common.

this is ryely’s we heart gomu erasers photo shoot. notice i said “we”.

art direction and photographs by ryely



a few of our favorite things

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organic just corn is basically a freeze dried corn. my husband got this for the kids because when my oldest daughter ryely was young, we used to get her somehting very similar to this and she loved it. we have to keep a lot of snacks around for these kids to keep them entertained. and dehydrated and freeze-dried products are an excellent source of nutrition, so it’s a good snack choice. with no salt, no sulfur, no fat, no sweeteners, and no preservatives added. honestly we (me and ryely) snack on this more than the kids. it’s naturally sweet and yumsters! only downside is that it’s kinda steep for a bag of corn at about $5 – find it at whole foods stores in the dried fruits and nuts section.

loving this annie’s whole wheat bunnies. i can’t get my sister to stop eating all my kid’s snacks. and how cute is the bunny shape? much cuter than a teddy bear. again it’s all about the aesthetics for me. no but really these things are yummy and it’s a healthy low fat snack that’s made with certified organic whole wheat flour and organic white cheddar. it comes in a variety of flavors such as cheddar, sour cream & onion, snickerdoodle, ginger snaps, chocolate and our other favorite honey graham. another favorite in our house with the adults, and kiddies alike. you can find this at whole foods stores.

and then we have the crack of all snacks, lil’ crunchies by gerber graduates. there is something about the cheese curl like quality that babies are addicted to. i get all the flavors for them. this cinnamon maple is the only sweet one but the twins actually prefer the saltier ones like the garden tomato, veggie dip, and mild cheddar. again it’s a hit with the twins and ryely loves it too. i actually have to yell at her when she tries to eat their snacks. addison also loves all these snacks and munches on them all the time. phuong tells me she gives it to her on car rides and it makes her happy.

you can find this at your local grocery store. but here are some highlights on this product in case you all were wondering if it’s a healthy snack.

  • 4g of Whole Grains per serving
  • Good source of Vitamin E, Iron & Zinc
  • Made with 100% whole grain corn
  • 30% Less sodium than the leading cheese snack*
  • and it’s kosher

and that’s good enough for me!

when my kids get to that stage where they are showing their indepedence, i just let them feed themselves so they can practice their motor skills. i throw a few snacks onto their trays and let them go for it. this keeps them occupied in their seats while i’m cleaning bottles, putting things away, or trying to catch a few bites myself.

ryder likes to grab about 3 or 4 at once and stuff them all in his mouth. while river will pick up one at a time and eat it daintily, just like a girl. and when they try to get the corn, they both use their index finger and thumb to pick up the corn and it’s so funny to see these littles feeding themselves. oh and then they like to fight over food -ryder likes to reach over and grab river’s food off her tray and vice versa. i always stay out of the food fights. sometimes you gotta let em duke it out.

best baby blankets

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by suburban mom

even though river and ryder are way out of that teeny weeny baby stage and well into the toddler stage, i thought it would be fun to share some of the baby essentials that i love like the best blankets.



i used this for the twins when they were born and it literally is the best swaddling blanket. if you are a believer (which i am) in swaddling babies, then this is the blanket to get. on the miracle blanket site, it says that this blanket will help stop colic – GUARANTEED. as you all know, swaddling is an ancient technique of wrapping your baby snugly with a blanket or a cloth. this gives them a sense a comfort and replicates the cozy feeling of the womb. also helps with twitching or when they get startled. go to the miracle blanket site to get a full video tuturial on how to use the blanket. you can order from the site or get it at BabysRus.

when i had ryely about 7 years ago, my mom taught me how to swaddle, i didn’t have this blanket but i wished i did cause it’s so easy to use and the way it’s designed is just how my mom would’ve designed it. with the little pouch to put your baby’s feet in them so that they won’t escape. these blankets get a thumbs up from me 🙂



this is also a swaddling blanket. and i used this to swaddle as well as the miracle blanket. my babies were spitting up a lot when they were first born so we had to switch on and off with both blankets. of course this one is more versatile. i used this to swaddle and after the swaddling stage, this was the only blanket that we used on the twins. at time we were living abroad in vietnam where the average temperature was in the high 80s – 90s everyday. so this lightweight muslin blanket was perfect for the blazing heat. even with our air conditioner on full blast, it would still be warm. so i became a fan of these blankets. we are still currently using these blankets as a stroller blanket. and river and ryder love these blankies. they play peek a boo with them. i love them cause i like the muslin material, but mostly i like it for the designs. i’m a sucker for aesthetics.



i got a blanket from this brand when ryely was born from my sisters and it was the softest thing ever.  we also got a little blankie and a few other things from this brand. the twins also got these blankets and let’s just say it’s worth the price because it feels like heaven against your skin. i actually wanted to use it for myself.