ryely style: color pop all over

March 21st, 2012 § 0 comments § permalink

by suburban mom

a quick ryely style in our backyard. ryely is wearing color pop all over with pink denim and a checkered shirt from abercrombie kids. spring is officially here and the cherry blossoms are out. this weather has been pretty unreal. we’ve just been doing lots and lots of spring cleaning and yard work.

spring activities are starting soon with ryely’s spring break in two weeks and then next week she starts vocal lessons. ryely also has swimming soon and i’ll be taking the twins for classes as well. can’t wait to see my little swimmers in action.

happy spring everyone!

ryely is wearing: shirt – abercrombie kids, jeans – abercrombie kids, fringe boots – minnetonka

i love to skateboard

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by suburban mom


at first we thought we had a danny macaskill on our hands.

and we always knew that we had a little baller on our hands because ryder has been shooting lay ups since he was 16 months old. so we started calling him every basketball players name –  michael jordan, blake griffin, and most recently with all the hype jeremy lin.

now we’ve got tony hawk on our hands. ryder’s most recent sport obsession is his skateboard.  we got him a yo-baby skateboard. it’s a board without the wheels for little kids. we’ve been practicing with the yo-baby inside the house.

ryder will literally wake up and whisper ‘skateboard’. then he jumps out of bed all sleepy eyed and grabs his board. he’ll be too sleepy to get on it, but he just wants to hold it underneath his arms. but with this insanely beautiful weather we are hanging outside a lot and ryder has been getting his skateboarding on.

here are a few pics from our impromptu photo shoot hence the non-helmet and pads. we were on our way to the park.

in this last pic, ryder is actually doing a trick and jumping off the board.


happy 1 year blog anniversary!

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by suburban mom

march 13th marked the one year anniversary of cawfee tawk moms!

can not believe a year has pasted since we started this blog.

well in the past year i’ve had tons of fun blogging. i haven’t always kept up like i wanted to at times but this has definitely been a brief journal into our lives. what started out as an idea that this would be a ‘mommy’ blog has evolved into my own little creative outlet. a place where i can just share whatever comes to my mind. it has also helped to motivate me to document all my kid’s milestones.

i am looking forward to giving our blog a makeover soon! we hope you all continue to support us.

ryely style: doile skirt

March 9th, 2012 § 0 comments § permalink

by suburban mom

whenever i score a great deal such as this doile skirt from abercrombie kids – i get happy all over. this beautiful doile skirt that we got on sale for $15 marked down from $80 is such a gem. it reminds me of this white emanuel ungaro jacket that my older sister has from the 80s. my sister has informed me that she still has that jacket! we may just get ryely to model it one day.

but here are all our pics. i had to hold back from posting more. i always get picture happy whenever we have an awesome outfit. and ryely looks like such a big girl and not my baby that is only turning 8 in a little over a month.

p.s i have a feeling she’ll be taller than me by this summer. somehow this makes me feel short and extremely old!

ryely is wearing: skirt – abercrombie kids, shirt – stella mccartney for gap kids, leather jacket – abercrombie kids, booties – gap kids