parisian themed birthday party

February 21st, 2012 § 1 comment

by suburban mom

my mind has literally been in paris lately. it started with my craving for a real french croissant and my discontentment of our store bought croissants. i guess you can say ryely started it. she loves croissants and wanted them for school. we get em and they are never great, just barely passing.

so i always tell her “one day mommy is going to take you to paris so that we can have a real french croissant.”

well it just so happens that i recently blogged about henri matisse – a french artist and alexander calder, an american artist that used to live in paris. i started to reminiscence about my trips there after looking at calder’s work. click here to read about that.

so it’s been decided that ryely’s birthday will be a parisan inspired spa day extravaganza. i’ve already gotten mini eiffel tower sculptures, paris inspired cupcake holders and decorations. we’re making pink, black and white pom poms. it’s going to be awesome.

our original inspiration (we will be serving mini croissant sandwiches)

along with some french macarons

isn’t this eiffel tower cake just gorgeous?

well i won’t be making this. that’s just too ambitious for me to take on. just admiring the details.

we’re going to make the poms poms you see here in black, white and bright pink. all these images were found on pinterest

more pretty pics of parisian inspired party themes.

click here to go to site where i found all these images, it’s called australia entertains.

click here to go to the thoughtfully simple site.

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