happy new year

January 8th, 2012 § 0 comments

by suburban mom

i know we are well over a week into the new year already but i’m still playing catch up so my posts are very behind. just wanted to share our new year’s eve pics. we made cupcakes, had dinner and hung out at home with family and friends. i got balloons, hats and noise makers for the kiddies. they had so much fun and were driving me crazy with all the running around. and of course just dance 3 was in the mix. my arms may still be sore from dancing. but we had a blast and rang in the new year surrounded with love.

when you have 3 kids, you really don’t think about going out to celebrate. and i’m glad, because my butt is getting old and i’d rather have my cocktails in the warmth of my own home.

we are working on the last part of our home renovations and i think we will be done in the next week or so. FINALLY! then grandma is off for 2 months. my new year’s resolution (something i don’t really like to make) is to dedicate more time to my blog. i think we need a new look for the new year and i PROMISE I WILL START MY NEW FOR MOMMY’S ONLY SEGMENT. remember in an earlier post where i said i’d like to start posting non kiddie stuff? it won’t be any drastic new changes, just something to keep some of you non loyal readers happy since the kiddie stuff is “BORING”. maybe i can get you to actually read my blog if i post “COOLER” things. (not mentioning names)

well hope you all are getting off to a great new year and i’m wishing everyone much love and happiness in 2012!




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