ryely style: polka dot

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by suburban mom

this is an old post that i forgot all about. in this photoshoot, ryely is wearing this awesome leather jacket that i got her last year from abercrombie kids. i think the original price was well over $100 bucks. but, it was marked down from a mark down from a mark down etc, in the end i paid less than $30 bucks for this cool jacket. can someone say nailed it?

my shopping strategy is to buy things on sale in bigger sizes and save. so most of the things that ryely has in her closet, are never current. like this polka dot shirt from crewcuts – it’s an old shirt that we got on sale and she’s finally fitting into it.

my shopping secret: buying things that are plain, classic and well made when they are on sale in bigger sizes.

p.s – ryely had a slight bruise on her cheek from hitting her face on a bench during recess at school.

ryely is wearing: shirt – crewcuts, jacket – abercrombie kids, jeans – abercrombie kids, purse – american eagle boots – steve madden

ryely style: harajuku mini for target

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by suburban mom

it’s been 2 months since we did a ryely style. but we started the new year off with a quick photoshoot in our back yard with left over balloons from our new year’s mini soiree for the kiddies at home. although there was some overcast, the weather was still close to 60 degrees that day. here is ryely in her harajuku mini for target dress that we got for less than $30. not the best quality but cute enough for the price.

happy new year everyone!

Ryely is wearing: dress – harajuku mini for target, tights – crewcuts, jacket – gap kids, shoes – converse all stars


weaning twins off bottles

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by suburban mom

i’ll keep it brief with the the twins’ 21 month milestones. but i do want to mention that i am currently weaning river off her bottle. we are on day 5 with no bottles at all. the most impressive part of all this is that her twin brother is still drinking milk from his bottle. we are doing really well. it’s been almost effortless. i can’t even believe that she is done. that’s it! no more bottles for river.

one down, one more to go.

river could’ve been done with her bottle at 13 months but i was being lazy and didn’t think i could do it considering ryder was still attached to his bottle. he’s sort of a lazy eater so i give him his baba.

the truth is i could’ve just gone on for a few more months because there’s definitely a lack of motivation when it comes to those types of things. my parenting rule is to not set too many rules for myself. i’ve been lucky and blessed with easy babies who are smart and self sufficient at an early age. but i guess when i set my mind to it, it just happens. just like when i decided i would take all the pacifiers away. it was done in a week and we never looked back.

well thanks to my cousin phuong (who has been weaning addison off her bottle ) for her many texts messages inquiring about how i’ve been doing with the twins. i was embarrassed to tell her that truthfully i had been too busy and lazy to really think much about it. then she texted me everyday to give me updates on addison and here i was giving her pep talks and helping her thru her process when neither one of my rug rats had given up their bottles. what’s worse is that they are 2 months older than addison. i told phuong that we could do this together! she called me a few days later to ask me how we were doing and ummmmm yeah i had to tell her we didn’t really get anywhere. i hadn’t even started. i know, i lied. so she again motivated me to at least try with river. in my mind i thought it was impossible because ryder was never giving up his bottle and river only drinks 2 bottles a day so it wasn’t a big deal. right?

i finally tried with river. it was hard saying no the first time and there was some guilt involved because she would see her brother with a bottle. but my strategy was to basically tell her that ryder was a big baby and that bottles are yucky. she’s so smart, she understands what i’m telling her and was okay with ryder having a bottle. so now everytime she asks for a bottle, i simply give it to her in a cup with a straw and tell her that bottles are for babies. it has been successful with not even one tantrum.

when i told my sister our technique she was impressed but told me that i was a bit evil. she said it was impressive that one kid is still drinking a bottle while the other one is done. but that it was evil to give him a bottle in front of her. i have to be hardcore. it seems to be working.

i’m feeling like i really accomplished something. and i don’t wanna stress over ryder. so once i feel like it, i’ll tackle him next.

i am pleased to say that river and addison are so over their babas.

that was so 2011 ryder.

we on 2012 now.

here are some recent pics of the kiddies. river looks like she’s about to go to college next year. bottles are not a good look for her. nope.

River is wearing: denim jacket – gap kids, puffer jacket – gap kids, skirt – crewcuts, leggings – crewcuts, scarf – crewcuts, shoes – converse all stars

Ryder is wearing: jacket – gap kids, shirt – gap kids, jeans – gap kids, shoes – creative recreation

happy new year

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by suburban mom

i know we are well over a week into the new year already but i’m still playing catch up so my posts are very behind. just wanted to share our new year’s eve pics. we made cupcakes, had dinner and hung out at home with family and friends. i got balloons, hats and noise makers for the kiddies. they had so much fun and were driving me crazy with all the running around. and of course just dance 3 was in the mix. my arms may still be sore from dancing. but we had a blast and rang in the new year surrounded with love.

when you have 3 kids, you really don’t think about going out to celebrate. and i’m glad, because my butt is getting old and i’d rather have my cocktails in the warmth of my own home.

we are working on the last part of our home renovations and i think we will be done in the next week or so. FINALLY! then grandma is off for 2 months. my new year’s resolution (something i don’t really like to make) is to dedicate more time to my blog. i think we need a new look for the new year and i PROMISE I WILL START MY NEW FOR MOMMY’S ONLY SEGMENT. remember in an earlier post where i said i’d like to start posting non kiddie stuff? it won’t be any drastic new changes, just something to keep some of you non loyal readers happy since the kiddie stuff is “BORING”. maybe i can get you to actually read my blog if i post “COOLER” things. (not mentioning names)

well hope you all are getting off to a great new year and i’m wishing everyone much love and happiness in 2012!