happy happy holidays!

December 29th, 2011 § 0 comments § permalink

by suburban mom

Happy Holidays to everyone! I can not believe it’s been almost 2 months since I’ve posted a blog. Well actually I can. What can I say, except that life has been hectic. It all started when all the kiddies got sick. It was like one big domino effect. First it was Ryely (the main culprit) bringing home germs from school. That poor girl was so sick I had to pick her up from school. Then her brother got sick, and then inevitably lil River got it too. It was 10 days of pure madness around here. Kids were throwing up, I was pulling layers of sheets, mattress pads, and mattress covers off all the beds. loads and loads of laundry were done. My poor babies were so sick they couldn’t even play or eat, all they wanted was mommy.

On top of all this, our house was being renovated. We had the kids pretty much in one bedroom while the rest of the house was being worked on. Illnesses lasted for a good 10 days before all the kids were well again. It was a lot of doctor’s visits, vicks rubdowns, saline sprays and nose plungers. I barely managed to have Thanksgiving dinner in our haphazard kitchen. Then the hubs finally came home after 2 months of being overseas! We had all that excitement and his birthday to celebrate. So there really was no time to blog. AT ALL.

Good news is our house is almost back to normal. So far we did a complete renovation of the garage and laundry room, repainted the kitchen, new molding around the entire downstairs, got rid of all the popcorn ceiling in every room, hardwood floors put into 2 more rooms upstairs and countless other things. the kids finally have a playroom now and have been going completely nuts! all we need to finish working on is our old nursery/office – we’ve cut out walls to make it into a loft. and then it’s onto the dreaded basement. I’ve been staying up late nights cleaning and organizing and getting rid of stuff. During the day we have to keep the kids in one room while the contractors are working.

Then Xmas was around the corner and it was even more hectic. It turned out to be a really special christmas for the kids. Santa was extra special this year delivering awesome gifts to them. They were so excited Christmas morning with all their ohhhhs and aahhhhs and wows. It’s so much fun to see your kids opening up gifts and getting all excited. My big girl ryely is still Santa’s girl and squealed with excitement over her ipod touch and books and girly gifts.

It’s been a crazy 2 months but I’m glad I made it! We still got to spend time with all our family and friends that came for the holidays, had a nice dinner, I got my tree up and spirits were all good. We are so truly blessed!

I do however need a vacation after all this, but that’s not happening any time soon. grandma is leaving us for 2 months and I’ll be stuck with these bad butts all by myself during the day. I promise to keep you all updated regularly. Hope you all have a happy new year!