ryely style: color denim

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by suburban mom

abercrombie has color denim in red, blue and green. this is such a hot item, we had to order ryely’s jeans online because they didn’t have them in stores. i really like abercrombie jeans for kids because they fit ryely the best. she is only 7 but wears a size 10 in here. we are currently loving all her colored denim. this is ryely in her red one from a photo shoot 2 months ago! forgot to post this. i will also try to do a photo shoot with her royal blue ones.

this makes me feel like such a momma – in my younger days i would totally rock some red jeans but not feeling like that’s so appropriate at my age and with 3 kiddies in tow.

ryely is wearing: shirt – stella mccartney for gap kids, jeans – abercrombie kids, jacket – gap, purse – zara kids, earrings – claire’s, booties – gap

dental sealants for kids

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by suburban mom

last week ryely had a dentist appointment. i took her to see a dentist because i realized that she really hadn’t seen a dentist in about 2 years. she had an exam and cleaning before we left to go to vietnam by my cousin who is a dentist. and then her uncle keith who is a pediatric dentist, gave her a psuedo exam during one of his visits. she basically opened her mouth and he said she was all good. that was almost a year ago. he unfortunately lives in new york. and needless to say, it was time for a real visit.

ryely checked out perfectly during her visit. no cavities! and if ryely inherits her teeth from her dad, she won’t ever have any cavities. her dad and grandma have NO cavities at all! i’m not as lucky and have a few in my back molars. of course those are all from my childhood and i’ve not had any cavities since i was 12 or younger.

so i wanted to blog about dental “SEALANTS”. apparently i had no idea what they were. i’ve never even heard of them before. with all the dentists we know, you’d think i’d be in the know, but i wasn’t. so i’m letting everyone know about dental sealants. the dentist we saw offered to put them on ryely’s teeth. i was apprehensive at first because i didn’t know what they were and i hate doing anything extra for my kids. like getting the flu shot. i hate when we go to the pediatrician and they insist we get em for all the kids. i have to stress to them that WE DO NOT WANT THE FLU SHOT. thank you.

so while the dentist was trying to explain to me what the sealants were, i just busted out my phone and googled while the dentist was doing not so good a job of explaining what they were. i did my research and agreed to let ryely go ahead and get sealants put on her back molars.

then i went home and asked dr. keith williams what he thought and he told me he was all about the sealants. i just need needed confirmation that it was a good thing to do. but just like with the flu shot, i think that it’s always up to the parents to make these types of informed decision for their kids. i tell my husband about the sealants and he said that if these sealants were so good how come we never got them as kids. to which my reply was ‘that was a gazillion years ago when you were a kid’. just get with technology hubs.

but here is a little info on dental sealants:

Dental sealants are thin plastic coatings that are applied to the grooves on the chewing surfaces of the back teeth to protect them from tooth decay. Most tooth decay in children and teens occurs on these surfaces. Sealants protect the chewing surfaces from tooth decay by keeping germs and food particles out of these grooves.

mini style: jeggings

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by suburban mom

here are some pics of river from last week when we went to go buy more pumpkins down the street from our house. you know how much i love everything about fall. i especially love taking lots and lots of pics of the kiddies and pumpkins! the colors are so pretty i just couldn’t resist. this ended up being a mini style because river was all bundled up in her best fall layers with mommy’s scarf wrapped around for extra warmth.

she is wearing her favorite jeggings. it’s practically the only thing she’s been wearing lately. we got them from 77kids online and they are so cool looking. it even has a zipper in the back of the legs. jeggings are great cause they look like jeans but feel like leggings.

p.s i promise that this will be the last post with pumpkins in it! bring on the turkey!

river is wearing: jeggings – 77kids, shirt – 77kids, denim jacket – gap kids, shoes – missoni for target, scarf – borrowed from mommy

happy halloweeny

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by city mom

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday but now, it’s 100x better celebrating it with Addison .

It’s so much fun choosing costumes especially now that Addison is getting bigger. She is not fully aware of the Halloween festivities but loved to see the other kids in costumes.

She would scream out “wow” when she spotted a costume that she recognizes like Yo Gabba Gabba characters, Dora the Explorer, Disney Princesses, etc. It was the best to see her face light up from all the excitement.

Here are some photos of Addison as Little Red Riding Hood. I really love the detailing of this costume- the corset bodice and the gingham/lace trimming skirt definitely made this costume worth the buck.

Also, I just wanted to add  photos of Addison’s costume from last Halloween (Car Freshner) which I completely love and laugh every time I see it.

give me more candy!