martha stewart halloween templates

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by suburban mom

i’m in love with my owl pumpkin. i know it’s so obnoxious to say, but i’m really proud of my pumpkin masterpiece. so i’m sharing this. i saw the free template on and thought i would give it a go. here is the original image.

my owl jack o’ lantern

for tips on how to carve a pumpkin, click here.

how to carve a pumpkin

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by suburban mom

the past two halloweens we were living abroad in vietnam so ryely did not get to have a real halloween. and the twins didn’t get to have their first halloween last year. i still got them costumes and dressed them up just for fun once we made it stateside in november. but there was no trick or treating. so this year we are trying to make up for it all.

i’m not a halloween person. but ever since i had kids, it’s becoming my favorite holiday. i just really love this time of year. we really enjoy all our pumpkin patch visits and getting ready for halloween. halloween is definitely lots of fun when you have kids. but i’m still not the mom that dresses up with the kids. i’m just not there yet. but i do like to carve me some pumpkins! i can do this all day long. i’m actually getting a lil borderline obsessed – as i do with most things.

someone please get the pumpkins far far away from me! i’m still tempted to buy more so i can just carve away. i keep seeing pumpkins in my dreams. this is not good at all!

here we are making some fabulous jack o lanterns.

step one: cut the top out

step two: scoop out all the insides and scrap some of the sides so that it will be easier to carve (especially on your bigger pumpkins)

ryely carving heart eyes into her mini pumpkin.

step three: either free hand draw onto your pumpkin the design you want, or use a stencil by taping it onto your pumpkin. if you use a stencil, then you will outline it with whatever tools you have that is appropriate to use.

step four: remove stencil and start carving away.

ryder not quite carving a pumpkin but he thought he was

ryely’s i heart u pumpkin.

i am most proud of my owl and bat and am realizing that these pics using my polaroid apps is not really doing it justice. so i will take more pics and post them later. another example of my borderline obsessive personality – using too many photo apps with the iphone. i’m so guilty of going overboard right now.

halloween at pottery barn kids

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by suburban mom

i love pottery barn kids for halloween goodies. they have the cutest costumes, trick or treat bags and halloween decor. here are a few samples of what they are offering. everything is on sale. you can stock up for next year, or go get some last minute stuff.

check out the stuff here.

ryely style: goth rocks

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by suburban mom

this is a ryely’s goth look inspired by halloween. ryely took braids out her hair and it was a big poofy mess. immediately i thought of those girls on the runway with the big frizzy hair. so we tried to tease her hair a little, and threw on her best goth look outfit and dark lipstick.

i never let her wear any lipstick except chapstick but this is strictly for halloween styling purposes.

don’t judge me.


ryely is wearing: shirt – gap kids, sweater – all saints, jeans – abercrombie kids, boots – steve madden