mini style: je t’aime paris

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by suburban mom

we went out to dinner last night with my old boss and ryely had on her eiffel tower earrings that we got her from claire’s – it inspired me to do this long over due post. i’ve been having thoughts of all things parisian influenced lately.

i love this brand atsuyo et akiko and have them on my blog roll, i don’t know why i never blogged about them. also i found some eiffel tower print clothes from mini rodini.

1. atsuyo et akiko team sara – eiffel tower cushion 2. claire’s ooh la la paris charm necklace 3. claire’s eiffel tower charm necklace 4. atsuyo et akiko oui organic tee  5. je t’aime organic black bag 6. letter cushion je t’aime 7. je t’aime script necklace 8. destroyed je t’aime bklyn 9. organic je t’aime eiffle tower 10. destroyed je t’aime bklyn 11. mini rodini eiffel tower tights 12. eiffel tower bergamo skirt grey 13. eiffel tower dress  14. eiffel l/s raglan powder 15. atsuyo et akiko burnout card  16. organic eiffel tower charcoal 17. letter cushion bonjour foil 18. rib cardigan 19. eiffel necklace 20. aeta-c glow in the dark 21. je t’aime tote bag lilac 22. j’ heart ny 23. oui fluo yellow 24. forever 21 parisian charm necklace


mini style: the cambridge satchel company

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by suburban mom

Crewcuts featured this satchel online a while back and I wanted to get one for ryely but then it was sold out and gone. it’s back on again so i had to blog about these chic satchels. it’s too cool for school so i’m thinking momma can totally rock this.

the cambridge satchel company was founded by a mom – julie deane and her mother. these bags are based on the original oxford and cambridge satchel designs and geared towards school children. she starting designing these bags as a way to pay for her kid’s private school tuition.

love love love these bags. i want one in every color, lovin all the fluorescent ones. you can check out the site here or order one from crewcuts.

The Batchel

The Music Bag

The Backpack

The Classic

The Fluro

The Fluro

Addison’s kissy face

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by city mom

New pics of Addison out to brunch at Gemma.

Addison’s kissy face.

someone just turned a year older

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by suburban mom

yup, i just had a birthday. friday september 16th to be exact. i am officially in my mid thirties now. on this monumental occasion i am vowing to make some changes in my life. sometimes i feel like everything is just so chaotic around here. i want to try to organize and manage my time better. and i am trying to be a better mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend.

i’m seriously serious. i’m feeling like this is an important birthday for me. it’s been two years since i’ve celebrated a birthday in the states. i was surrounded by all my loved ones including my kids, husband, family and friends over the weekend starting on thursday. we had such an awesome time. i couldn’t ask for better family and friends.

the last two birthdays i was living abroad in vietnam. one birthday i was sick with twins in my belly and the last birthday i was a mom to 6 month old twins and a 6 year old. i haven’t really celebrated my birthday in a while. i actually planned for a girls’ weekend getaway to miami but that didn’t happen because the weather forecast called for rain all week long down in not so sunny florida. so we celebrated my birthday in d.c. i ran away from the kids and hubs as soon as i could – so that me and my girlfriends can have a night on the town. we not only had one night out but two nights out – my sister’s birthday is the day after mine and we continued our birthday festivities. can someone say that this ol’ lady here is still recovering?

we ate and drank so much. i need to do a fasting after this weekend. my best friend sara from new york brought us a rhubarb pie from pies and thighs in williamsburg. it was yummy! we made some fresh whip cream to go with it. my bestie sonia, brought over chicken tikka masala from my favorite indian restaurant. and auntie bilena took my oldest daughter to a birthday party for 6 hours! you girls are the best!

sunday afternoon we woke up and slowly rolled over to my sister’s house for a late birthday brunch. it was yummy as usual. we had american and vietnamese breakfast – mini pancakes and eggs and then a nice bowl of pho with our cafe sua da aka vietnamese ice coffee. and a lovely homemade coconut cake. thank you big sis!

loves you all


here are my pics from the weekend.

flowers from the best hubs ever

birthday card from my big girl. I love her so much!

a toast with fresh squeezed screwdriver shots.

yummy pie.

pics of me and the golden gals at dinner and having dranks all over town.

the best key lime pie ever from oyster dive on the house not because it was my birthday but because we were the coolest diners in the house!

mini pancakes from sunday brunch at my sister’s.

pork on one side and turkey on the other.

hot maple syrup just like ihop. so gourmet!

fresh squeezed mimosas with nothing but the best champag-na!

some lil hands were getting into the pancakes.

this is the mischievous culprit.

someone fell asleep during cake time.

home made coconut cake presented by ryely.

getting into trouble of some sort.

wake up sleepy head.