zara online shopping coming in september!!

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by suburban mom

after reading my post about no online shopping at zara’s, my best friend informed me that it was coming in september! so i decided to do a post on their fall/winter collection. i went to zara’s over the weekend and their fall/winter collection is very cute as usual.

here i picked out a few things i am currently loving! i especially love the fur vest and fur bag! so so cute.

1. fur bag 2. suede ankle boot 3. cable-stitch jacket with horn buttons 4. riding boot with buckle 5. basic ankle boot with strap 6. fur waistcoat 7. floral print dress 8. dress with contrasting belt 9. bermudas with synthetic leather hem 10. polka dot skirt 11. polka shirt with pocket 12. eagle print t-shirt 13. knitted coat 14. knitted cardigan 15. parka with checked waistcoat 16. camel dress with belt 17. pullover sweater 18. roll-neck mohair

serendipity and d.c crawl

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by suburban mom

last week ryely’s grandma and auntie were in town for a week. i took the girls to serendipity in georgetown and then we went to the lincoln memorial at night.

i’ve been to the serendipity in new york about 10 years ago and i couldn’t really remember what it was like. so they opened one in georgetown and i thought it would be a fun place to take the kids for some ice cream.

i guess what i didn’t remember was how completely overrated it was. it wasn’t much fun and the ice cream was not good. it tasted like cheap ice cream. me, ryely, and her auntie desteni shared a jumbo sized sundae and the three of us could not put a dent in it. not because it was too big but because it was not really that yummy.

after our ice cream, i decided to take them to the lincoln memorial. it’s been a while since i’ve been to lincoln memorial at night and the weather was beautiful. the girls really enjoyed themselves and were excited to see the washington monument from the lincoln memorial.

ryely was taking in the views and breathing in the lovely d.c air. it was the most perfect summer night -one i hope that she will always remember.


d.c happenings

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by suburban mom

a few pics of ryely and her auntie on a washington d.c tour of all the monuments. you know i love all my iphone photo apps and can’t stop playing with them. i may never post regular pics again. i used a filter for these pics using the app befunky.

SIDE NOTE: my 18 year old sister in law apparently was my 4th child for the week. i had people referring to ryely and desteni as my “daughters”. i went along with it. i wanted to correct them -but that would require me to go into details and engage in conversation so i just nodded. later i fumed about how ridiculous the idea of me being a mother to a teenager was. i mean really?

am i getting old? do i really look that old? old enough to be the mother of an 18 year old? well i do have a birthday coming up where i will reach my mid 30s. yikers! in my mind i still feel like i’m 28 – 30 at the most. i sometimes slip and tell people that I AM 30! i think at this point as long as i feel young that is truly all that matters because there is no turning back. we’re only getting older!

my favorite picture of ryely and desteni sitting on a bench in front of the washington memorial

another bench by the white house

hurricane irene 2011

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by suburban mom

today we are anticipating the wrath of hurricane irene. i admit i feel a bit anxious and am crossing my fingers that it will come and go with no power outages. that is my main concern. 2 babies and a big girl with no power for any amount of time = dreadful.

in preparation for this weekend, i’ve actually gone out to get a few extra flash lights and batteries. we also stocked up on lactaid milk for the kiddies. and of course bread, bananas, cookies and snacks for the kids. rest assure we are fully stocked up on wine, vodka, and lots and lots of brews for daddy. you can see where the priorities are in this house.

we’ve discussed our emergency plan just in case and ryely knows she is supposed to crawl underneath her bed for safety. i know it’s so silly but when you have kids, you worry about things like a hurricane. the last time we had a serious hurricane was in 2003.

hurricane isabel. this happened in september, right before my then boyfriend (now husband) was headed to africa for his 2 year peace corp term. we didn’t have power for 4 days. it was fun then because there were no kids involved and we would hang out at the bars in d.c . now all i can think about is keeping these kids safe and hoping our ice cream doesn’t melt.

why oh why did i get the ice cream?

hope you all are safe!