ryely style: rocker chick

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by suburban mom

this is ryely’s tough rocker chick look. an all saints dress that we got during their sale and her new school boots from nordstrom’s anniversary sale.

i can’t believe that summer is almost over. it’s back to school in about 5 shorts weeks. ryely has had fun at camp, swimming and dance classes all summer. next week i’m giving her a break with no dance class and no swimming. we’re just gonna hang out and do fun stuff for a week. maybe catch the smurfs movie, go to a few museums, imax theatre (for the hundredth time), and i might take her to go watch a play. will post our outings if we make it -it all depends on that heat! heat makes a momma tired!

ryely is wearing a all saints dress, shoes by steve madden for kids, and a jcrew bracelet worn as a choker.

mini style: missoni bugaboo

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by suburban mom

Missoni and bugaboo have collaborated to come up with an exclusive collection available at neiman marcus. The bee is also available at bergdorf goodman.

OMG is all I can say. Love Love love! You gotta admit that this is the chicest stroller ever. I really mean ever – ever ever. If I had to get one stroller it would be this Missoni one. That way I could look like a bum and still look cute cause I’m rocking a Missoni stroller! BAM!

Bugaboo Bee and Missoni Accessory Set (includes blanket)

Bugaboo Cameleon and Missoni Accessory Set

love/hate relationship with the Bugaboo stroller

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by suburban mom

I had to do a post on strollers after I found out that city mom thinks the bugaboo stroller is not very convenient. I did advise her to buy the Bugaboo when she was shopping for strollers. But it had been about 4 years since I last used it, I kinda overlooked all the inconveniences of the somewhat overrated Bugaboo stroller.

I felt the same way she did when I first started using it nearly 7 years ago for Ryely. I hated it! I didn’t get the hype at first. But it was a gift from my mom. At the time, it was the new “in thing”. What I have is the original Bugaboo Frog, if I recall correctly, it was the only one they even had when I got it in 2003. I see that they have added a few new styles, like the Cameleon, Donkey and the Bee. And apparently at the end of 2010, they discontinued the Bugaboo Frog, it’s on sale for only $599 while supplies last on the official Bugaboo site. I think the Cameleon is a revamp of the Frog, they look very similiar.

My biggest problem with the Bugaboo is just the whole contraption factor. The fact that it’s two separate parts that you have to unhook and then you fold down the base. It took me a while to be a Bugaboo pro at breaking it down and getting it in the car. I swear when I first got it, I remember going to the mall without my husband – I apparently did not learn how to break it down properly. I knew how to hook the seat from the base, but when we were done with our mall outing and it was time to fold it back up, I was lost. I could not figure it out. I literally was standing in the mall parking lot cussing at the damn stroller, mumbling profanities, looking like a completely incompetent mom while cars were stopping by waiting for my parking spot. I had to wave for cars to go. All while breaking out in a sweat. I ended up throwing the entire stroller “as is” in the trunk of my truck.

Then when Ryely was 1 and some change, (can’t remember) we had to go out and get a Peg Perego Pliko Stroller because we were going to California. Phuong also had to go out and get the Maclaren stroller to take on her cruise earlier this year. I should’ve warned her that the bugaboo was not for traveling. But the main reason why I didn’t take it with me on the plane ride back then was because I didn’t want them to throw my expensive stroller around. The average price of the Bugaboo is $800. And I say average price because if you get the infant car seat adapters, that’s extra. And then they have a few other accessories and stuff so you could potentially spend close to $900. But the Peg Perego was by no means inexpensive at about $350. It’s insane the amount of money we have to spend on these kids!

Like I said I didn’t get the hype at first, but this love/hate relationship turned around for the better when Ryely turned 2, that’s when I started to love my Bugaboo. At that age we were going out more and taking more road trips to NYC, so it was great for city riding. I was starting to see why people loved this stroller so much. After I became a pro at breaking the stroller down in seconds, I realized that it was a really smooth ride. I could push it with one hand and the wheels would just go. It was lightweight and perfect. I was falling in love with my stroller at last. And happy that I was getting good use out of it. After all, it is the Bentleys of strollers. Shortly after that, I retired the Peg Perego in mint condition.

I do feel city mom’s pain. But I think that she will love her Bugaboo once Addison gets bigger.

When I was shopping for twin strollers for River and Ryder I saw some new strollers out there that are competing with the Bugaboo. Here are a few cool finds from buybuybaby.

The Stokke stroller $1049.99

The seat is 2-way facing with 5 reclining positions. But only up to 45lbs or 3-4 years of age. Obscene price but beautifully designed, and I’m a sucker for looks. But I’m gonna give this a thumbs down if you can only use up to 3 or 4 yrs old.



The Orbit baby Stroller $749.99

Features a SmartHub™ rotation ring allows for 360-degree rotation of the Orbit Baby™ seat.

Looks between the Stokke and the Bugaboo. The tires are made of lightweight responsive EVA and the innovative QuadShock™ suspension gives your baby a smooth ride.


The Bugaboo Cameleon $879.99 and then you have to buy the $99 canvas fabric set to complete the stroller. So total is $978.

This of course comes with the bassinet. What makes the Bugaboo so great is it’s unique infant-to toddler system. 2-way facing and I think they also have that quad shock suspension to give it that smooth ride.



iCandy Apple Stroller $449.99 & up. Add the bassinet, car seat adapter, and bumper bar shown and it’s closer to $700.

This multi-mode system is available as a four wheel stroller or as an all terrain three wheel jogger. There seems to be a lot of add ons to this stroller. This is the only one I have not seen in real life.




The Quinny Buzz Stroller $549.99

By far the least expensive and still equally good in design. The Quinny® has a unique and revolutionary compact folding system which enables the Buzz to unfold itself automatically at the touch of a hand. I think this might be the answer to the issue we have with the Bugaboo. If I had to get a single stroller, I’d get this one.



Peg Perego Pliko P3 Stroller $329.99

I got this stroller years ago so it looks slightly different, but they didn’t change the design much on it. This is your basic no frills stroller. It does exactly what you need it to. The seat reclines all the way back when baby sleeps and one step fold. I still have this stroller.



Baby Jogger City Mini double stroller $429.99

This is pretty compact for a double stroller. But it’s still a pain in the ass to get around in this wide thing. It is a smooth ride cause it’s a jogger. The best part about this stroller is the super easy fold down. One swift move and I’m done.



We got this stroller as a gift from an auntie. But I picked side by side over tandem because I don’t think it’s fair to the kid that has to sit behind. My life is now double strollers. But I don’t always take the twins out at once. Sometimes I leave one home with the daddy. So then I use my beloved bugaboo. I was thinking about getting a new canvas fabric, I’m tired of the red color that I have. I’m thinking that blue color – very unisex. And who knows, things change all the time, they might out grow the double stroller and maybe I can get the Quinny.

But deep in my heart I would love to get the Missoni design bugaboo!

mini style: i heart ikat

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by suburban mom

i heart ikat. i really do. i love the patterns and boldness of it. so i thought i would try to find some mini fashion finds with this print on it.

here is a brief history of ikat on wikipediaIkat, or Ikkat, is a dyeing technique used to pattern textiles that employs a resist dyeing process similar to tie-dye on either the warp or weft fibres. this technique has been around forever and is most prevalent in central and south american countries and asia.

I am currently crushing on all things ikat so we scored the ikat tank dress from crewcuts for just $20!

crewcuts girl’s wild ikat dress

crewcuts girls ikat tank dress

crewcuts girls’ ikat shimmer halter

crewcuts girls’ ikat short

Papo d’Anjo ikat dress

millie mini’s ikat party dress

77 pretty print romper

crewcuts girls’ pom pom flower ballet flats

this is ryely’s ikat photo shoot. i’m posting a lot of pics because i love this dress so much on ryely! she looks like a young lady and this outfit looks like something our first lady michele obama would wear. so sorry for the overload of pics. but this dress deserves a few different looks!

ryely is wearing the crewcuts wild ikat dress, gap kids suede ankle boots, a abercrombie kids cardigan, and a crewcuts glitter gold belt, louis vuitton yellow pochette accessory bag borrowed from her auntie’s closet.