billy’s bakery cupcake review

June 28th, 2011 § 0 comments § permalink

by suburban mom

When we were in NYC we were finally able to try out Billy’sBakery. Let’s just say that we are not huge fans.

The red velvet was definitely not the best I’ve ever had.

Carrot cupcake was ok.

Still in the top is Sprinkles followed by Georgetown Cupcakes (although we actually haven’t been here in forever now that Sprinkles is in town) and Magnolia when we’re in New York for banana pudding and the kids’ Auntie likes Sweet Sunshine.


garden photo shoot with new camera

June 16th, 2011 § 0 comments § permalink

by suburban mom

lately all these twins want to do is go outside. as soon as ryder wakes up, he looks at the door and says “di di” vietnamese for let’s go. then he proceeds to gets his shoes out of the basket i have by the door, sits on the floor to try and put his shoes on and stares longingly at the door. and that’s just when he’s being “good”.

when he’s being “bad” he will stand by the door and throw a tantrum and cry so that someone will take his bad butt outside. he likes to watch the cars go by and run around like a maniac. apparently the world outside is really fascinating for both ryder and river these days. there are new things to see and discover and the weather has been glorious so i can’t blame them.

these pics i’m posting are me showing off my new camera.┬áthe sony nex-5 18mm -love it! i love it so much i’m going to retired my canon d90 (for now). i’ve even contemplated selling it, camera and mac daddy lens and all. i love that camera too but it’s too bulky to carry around and now that i’m using the sony, it’s so much more compact. and has all the features of a digital SLR. with the sony nex-5 i have an option to shoot continuously and there is also a panoramic feature that is cool.

i know everyone that has a nice camera pretends to be a photographer, i’m not trying to be an amateur photographer or anything i’m just always the official photographer in my family. and ummm i think my pics are professional photographer status with this awesome camera! LOL.

these pics were taken right after a summer rain storm, then the sun came out again. ┬áhope you enjoy these pretty pics of our garden and some of the sculptures that we have around our house or rather outside our house. the wooden sculptures are by a vietnamese artist that we love. and the flowers are our annuals that we get every year for our deck. i love all the different colors of pinks and purples and river does too. she likes to go and pull all the flowers out and tries to eat the petals. i’m trying to teach her that we don’t eat flowers – amongst all the other yucky things she likes to put in her mouth that she finds on the floor. lawd when can they stop doing that?

river is wearing a baby gap dress and sea wees sandals.

ryder is wearing crewcuts for kids shirt, gap shorts and see kai run shoes.

mini style: baby havaianas

June 11th, 2011 § 0 comments § permalink

by city mom

it’s been so hot out, addison is letting her piggly wigglies hang out in her new havaianas flip flops. this picture makes me wanna bite her feet!

twins at the playground

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by suburban mom

i took the twins to the park for the first time a few weekends ago and put them both on a swing. they were both pretty freaked out at first but then river got used to it. ryder looked like he wanted to throw up. it was really hot out that day so maybe that contributed to ryder’s discomfort. we have a slide at home and ryder knows how to climb on the slide and slide down by himself – but i couldn’t get any smiles from him while he was on the swing. maybe next time.