addison’s first birthday pool party in the hamptons

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by city mom
Sorry I’ve been slacking with my posts. There have been so many activities for the past 2 weeks revolving around Addison’s first birthday. Last weekend we had an early celebration for Addison’s 1st birthday. Her actual birthday was Sunday May 29th. Yes Addison has already turned 1! It’s been an on going celebration.
Last week we had a birthday party for Addison. The party was held in the Hamptons. We rented out a house because we wanted to have a pool party. The house we rented had a backyard with a huge pool and deck – which was ideal for a pool party and BBQ. I have to admit I was in stress mode the week of this party since preparation was overwhelming and the weather was stating rain for that day. However, on that Saturday morning the sun came out and everything turned out fine. Everyone had a great time and the pool was a HUGE hit!!! We had the most amazing time with our family and friends. I’ve been planning this party for the last 3 months and was so pleased when everything finally came together!

One of the best part of the party was seeing Addison interacting with all the kiddies. She was smiling the entire time and squealed with excitement when everyone was singing happy birthday. I still cannot believe my baby is 1. The year flew by so quickly and I’ve cherished every moment. We love you Addison and hope you enjoyed your first birthday.

the front of the house

the pool area

flower vases for the table

decorations for the outside pool area – poster with monthly photos of Addison.

setting up for the party

Addison’s party dresses

party favors- monogrammed beach towels for all the kiddies

chicken skewers on the grill

family shot in front of Addison’s HUGE photo

me and Addison in our pink party dresses

daddy and Addison dipping in the pool

poolside fun

can’t have a kiddie party without a piñata

Addison wearing her birthday hat

staring at her cake

Addison’s cake

Addison still looking at her cake

and she finally gets to have some cake!

Happy Birthday Addison!

And thank you to all of our family and friends who came to help us celebrate! You all made it such a special day for us. We love you all!

mini style: cutest big girl sandals/clogs

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by suburban mom

i realized i have not done any shoe reviews for big girls and i came across these cute clogs and decided to do one on sandals. lucky for me i have both a big girl and little girl that are both into shoes. river already seems to be exhibiting signs of a shoe whore. i bought her a new pair of sandals and got her to try them on – she knew she had cute shoes on and was practically strutting around in her sandals. we keep a little basket of shoes by the door for the babies’ shoes and river is always going in there to find her shoes, sits on the floor and tries to put them on.

my big girl ryely is a ridiculous shoe lover. she absolutely loves shoes. when we go to the mall, she wants to go to nordstrom to look at shoes and try them on for fun in the kids department. she loves shoes so much, that’s the only thing i can take away from her when she misbehaves to make her earn them back. honestly i’ve never seen any kid get so excited over shoes. that’s all she ever wants. she goes around the house and tries to wear all my heels. is constantly asking me for more shoes and more shoes and once she said to me “mom, i don’t know why i like shoes so much, i just do”. and this is the beginning of a shoe lover/whore/addict. i am very concerned but i can’t blame her, it’s her dad’s fault. she actually gets it from him.

These April Showers Edda Orange Clogs are the cutest sandals for little girls. Love them and want it for myself!


The Braided Low Child by  Swedish Hasbeens. My sister is really into these clogs and has a few pairs. This is the mini version of it. I would love to get one for Ryely but it has a heel so maybe when she gets older.



Peep Toe Child by Swedish Hasbeens. Love all these colors.


I am such a huge fan of Salt Water Sandals. Love all these sandals, Ryely doesn’t have these yet but River sure loves her Baby Sea Wees sandals.


Ryely got these Nordstrom brand “Niki” sandals for her birthday from one of her aunties but her dad won’t let her keep them because it has a little heel on it. They are very cute on and I might have to go against daddy and let her keep em! Sorry dude, it’s your fault so loves shoes anyways.

updates on pacifiers, auditions and happenings

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by suburban mom


TOTALLY WINNING! Done and done. it’s been about 2 and a half weeks and these twins have long forgotten about pacifiers ever existing. although today they found a pacifier underneath the bed and tried to tackle one another for it. so remember once you wean them, you really gotta go all around the house to make sure there are none hiding. i just took it away and threw it in the trash. these twins are so over it!


Ryely unfortunately did not make it. i think we were all more disappointed than her. she came home and told me “mom i didn’t make it but it’s okay, they said i could volunteer and help out with the show”. ryely also said “see i told you i wasn’t going to cry”. there is always next year.


we are going on our first road trip to new york this memorial day weekend to hang out with addison on her first birthday. she had her birthday blowout in the hamptons over the weekend and we could not make it. 3 kids on a long car ride and a ferry to the hamptons was not happening for us. so we are coming for her actual birthday which will be on memorial day weekend. i’ve been preparing for our 4 hour car ride. well 4 hours if we are lucky and don’t hit any traffic. i’m really crossing my fingers and praying that we don’t. two babies and a 7 year old on a road trip is not my idea of fun. but this is a trial run so we can see if this car ride is manageable. i’d love to take the kids for a few more visits to nyc before the weather gets cold.

so far i’m trying to get snacks and food ready. toys, books, dvd players for the twins. ryely will be entertained with her ipod and nintendo ds.

these are our happenings. ordinarily this would be easy breezy with my big girl in tow, but add twins to that mix and it’s a whole nother ball park.

pray for me people. i think i will need it.

my other dilemma is whether i should take my double stroller or two single strollers?

all the rage: japanese erasers

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by suburban mom

if you’ve been reading my blog, you know that for ryely’s birthday she asked for GOMU ERASERS. you know i drew a complete blank and had no idea what these things were. i couldn’t believe that all she wanted were just some silly erasers. i had to ask her over and over again, erasers? really? i mean what could be so special about these erasers? and i told her “you already have tons of erasers for school”.

i could not figure out why this little girl would want a school supply so badly. so i told her we had plenty of erasers. then she asked for them again during our little interview so i had to go out on my quest to find out what these erasers were. my first stop was Michael’s craft store because i was there getting some easter goodies for the kids and they told me they were sold out!

anytime i hear the words SOLD OUT, i’m like those crazy moms on xmas eve trying to fight someone over that last singing dancing elmo or whatever hot toy is in. i’m totally kidding, i would never fight another mom over a toy nor was i ever the type of mom that was interested in getting the hottest “it” toy for the season. but i will fight someone – if i have to.

well lucky for me, ryely has never been inerested in any “it” toys – until now. so the quest for the gomu erasers went on, and i thought to myself, well there was a CVS in the same shopping center, let me stop in there. i ask a sales person and they had no idea and they asked me what it was and truthfully i had no idea either, i literally thought they were just some erasers in shapes of animals (this is what ryely described to me). so needless to say, it was a no go at the cvs. mission failed.

so the next day, i said to myself that i would either go to Target of Toy’s r Us but those stores are pretty far away from where we live so i stopped by a local toy store first and finally someone knew exactly what i was looking for. the sales girl told me that kids are calling them gomu erasers but they are actually japanese erasers and i was in luck because they had a whole stand selling these erasers. while i was picking out ryely’s gift, i felt like a kid in a candy store. these japanese erasers appealed to my inner child and my need to collect all things cute. and these things were beyond CUTE!

i want them all. at .99 cents a pop for each little eraser, this sure was adding up fast. but alas ryely got what she wanted for her birthday. ryely tells me that her friends are trading these at school -don’t worry, i’m checking all back packs and pockets before she goes to school because i don’t condone trading at school. that’s just recipe for trouble and we don’t want that. so i told her mommy will hold onto to her precious gomu erasers and we can collect them together. hehe i love that me and ryely can share toys and have something in common.

this is ryely’s we heart gomu erasers photo shoot. notice i said “we”.

art direction and photographs by ryely