mini style: see kai run shoes

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by suburban mom

ryder’s auntie just got him these shoes and they fit great cause it’s a very wide shoe. my big boy unfortunately has been having a hard time with shoes cause his big ol’ frodo feet needs some width-age. so happy we finally found shoes that are wide enough so that i don’t have to break out in a sweat while trying to shove his big foot into some shoes. i’m also lovin all the girl’s shoes from see kai run and going to get river the merrilee for the summer. if you live in the dmv area, we got these shoes from giggle in chevy chase, maryland and they also have a store in new york.

see kai run is a family-owned and operated business located outside seattle, washington. The founders are asian, so you know i gotta support my peoples. this is what i found out about the shoes from their official site.

Healthy Fit

  • Very flexible soles are healthy for developing feet.
  • Wide opening and toe box accommodate even the chubbiest little feet.
  • Velcro closure allows for adjustable fit and easy on and off.
  • Leather lining is breathable and durable.
  • Padded collar adds comfort and helps our shoes stay on little feet.

this is true because it does accommodate chubby feet! love it! i can’t believe this is their disclaimer cause that’s exactly what i thought when ryder tried these shoes on. they were perfect for his lil frodo foot.


SMALLER by see kai run













today i was a good mom to make up for being a bad mom

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by suburban mom

i’m so ready for april to be over! it’s such an exhausting month because of all the festivities we’ve had in addition to spring break. this week ryely finally went back to school. so today i brought homemade cupcakes into ryely’s class for her birthday and read a book.

i have to give teachers mad credit cause i just couldn’t do it. especially not with the little kids, those are some rugrats. i love kids and all but i do not love them when they are all together. oh hell noooooooooo!

i get tired when ryely asks me too many questions, i just don’t see how teachers do it. so i have so much respect for all the things that they put up with.

but it was a fun day, i came in and ryely helped me pass out cupcakes to her classmates, we sang happy birthday, those rugrats ran around for a minute with cupcake face and then they settled down while i read them pinkalicious by victoria kann. it’s one of ryely’s favorite books and goes perfectly with the cupcakes. the kids loved this book.

i told my friend i went to school today and she asked me if i wore a 60s homemaker dress. i told her i would if i had one but instead this momma wore her skinny jeans and a stripe top. well we have no actual photo documentation of me being a good mom cause i didn’t think it was appropriate to ask the kids to pose while i was reading a book, i was tempted to ask “hey you kiddies mind if i snap a pic?” besides i also don’t know if i should post pics of other people’s kids, especially since i just called them all rugrats. well they are. it’s ok i have one too. and since we have no photo, i figure i’d post the book i read.

This is a synopsis on the book, I got it off their official site

Pink, pink, pink! More than anything, Pinkalicious loves pink, especially pink cupcakes. Her parents warn her not to eat too many of them, but when Pinkalicious does . . . she turns pink! When the pink does not wash off, she is told by her doctor to eat only green food to get better. Instead, she eats just one more pink cupcake! Pinkalicious has gone too far this time and in order to return to normal, she knows just what she has to do.

we love love love this book. i will be posting some of ryely’s favorite books soon.

when your baby falls, are you a bad mom?

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by suburban mom

today river had an accident on the stairs, she had a little tumble that resulted in an abrasion and a big knot that apparently someone (i won’t mention any names) thinks is all my fault. granted i was standing right next to her when this happen, my reflexes were not nearly quick enough to catch her tumble from the stairs.

we were getting ready to go upstairs but we were sort of hanging out at the bottom of the stairs. ryder was calling out for us to rescue him from the top of the stairs and we were teasing him. i looked away for a split second and river fell two steps down and hit her poor head against a little sharp corner. all because i was too busy looking at her brother and mainly because i forget that they are still babies. sometimes i have too much confidence in my kids and think that they are smart enough to know better.

clearly i misjudged and my poor baby was so hurt she could barely get her cries out. her father did not make matters better by overreacting and immediately blaming me for his precious baby’s boo boo. so did i feel like a bad mommy? yes. the truth is it always hurts when you see your kids hurting. i used to cry and it would make my heart ache. i’m better at these types of situations now. the boo boo did look far worse than the actual fall.

it sucks whenever your kids have a accident, especially one where you feel like it could have obviously been prevented had you been more cautious. but i have to tell myself that this will probably not be the last mishap. ryder is constantly climbing on top of everything in sight. but for some reason, river is the one always getting hurt. i feel like she’s trying to keep up with her brother and wants to do everything he is doing and ends up hurting herself.

if these twins were my first babies, i think i would have had more of a melt down. but i’m trying to have a more laid back approach to parenting these days. i can’t put that type of stress on myself. i know that it won’t do any good. but the question is are you a bad mommy? i think we all feel like we are when accidents happen. but some things are inevitable. and there is only one way to learn from our mistakes – unfotunately with kids, sometimes it’s at their expense, hopefully the mistakes we learn from are minor ones where we can pick up and move on. let this be a lesson that even in a split second accidents can always happen. so i don’t think i’m such a horrible mother, i’m just the asshole mom that let her kid fall a few steps while standing next to her. thank god it was not anything serious and i can still blog about it. if it were seriously serious, i’d still be in a corner crying right now. and that’s serious.

asian home remedy for bruises and bumps:

i have to share a home remedy that my mom uses whenever the kids have an accident where they bump their heads. she puts a butter knife on the stove to heat it up, then wraps it in a napkin and presses it 7 times onto the bruise and apparently this helps the swelling go down and prevents the bruises from turning black and blue. i can attest that as odd as this sounds, it absolutely works wonders.

we also use tumeric to help with any type of scarring. tumeric contains components that are anti inflammatory and antioxidant. it’s dubbed the magical spice. i’m applying a tumeric ointment on river in case she gets a scar. not really sure where you can get the ointment. but i’m sure you can use the spice and make your own ointment somehow. i will be keeping you all updated on how this little boo boo heals.

evidence and documentation of the boo boo

bad butt baby

she’s still a happy baby as long as i put her in a dress with a head band. this girl already loves girly things. and yes she has on her sister’s drop diamond earrings. i’m in so much trouble!

save da drama for yo mama!

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by suburban mom

pics of crying babies that only a mama could love.

these are ryder’s save da drama for yo mama shots.

i was going to start a series, but honestly these bad butts don’t cry very often and funny enough the pics i do have are only of this bad butt boy right here.¬†and when they do cry, it’s something serious so we don’t have time to snap a pic.


even the maracas couldn’t entertain him
one lone crocodile tear

pouting and mad

but still trying to talk jibberish