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by suburbam mom


I’ve been giving the twins this as a snack and they love it. It’s a little salty but it’s better than giving them barbeque flavored potato chips. (that’s what my husband gives them)  Find it at Whole Foods Stores.


Beaba brand from William Sonoma. It’s a BPA-free soft spoon good for babies. I like it because it’s the perfect length. It’s the only spoon I use to feed the twins. Sometimes I let them play with it cause it feels good on their gums. But I do love this brand and have a few other things like the sippy cups and the short spoon and fork set. They also sell a baby food maker that seems to be very popular. I was tempted to buy it, but after watching the tutorial, I”m just sticking to my good ol’ pots and blender for puree-ing. (not sure if that’s even a word)



Made especially for teething babies, Baby Mum-Mum rice Biscuits are baby biscuits that dissolve easily in your child’s mouth. These baby teething biscuits are made with premium Japonica rice and other simple, all natural ingredients. It is also gluten-free, egg-free and peanut-free, without any artificial additives and preservatives. My kids love to snack on this. For more info go to this site www.mummums.com









There are a lot of brands that I like including Peter Rabbit Organics, Ella’s kitchen Organic Smoothies (love this one) and a few other ones but I just discovered this one at Whole Foods of course. I’m not gonna lie, I was attracted to this for the design and packaging. But I love it cause it’s the perfect size for an on the go snack. And ever since I started buying these squeezable snack pouches, my oldest daughter eats it too. She just squeezes it right in her mouth. I’m trying to get the littles to suck on the pouch but I’m not sure it’s working. And of course you all know that these pouches are all resealable. So while I was trying to get info on this product, I discovered that it’s a French brand. The company is called Materne and it is the most popular applesauce company in France. And it’s all natural, with no added sugar. Ooh La La Oui Oui!


Mini style: swimsuit sweetness

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by city mom

Some of you who know me, know that I can be a clothes horse, fashion whore, and an in denial shopaholic. (what? I think all my purchases are a must have! LOL) And I guess having a career in the fashion industry doesn’t help my habits. I will admit that one of the best parts of being a mom with a baby girl is shopping for her. I really enjoy picking out clothes for someone beside myself and I think we’re all guilty of trying to create a mini right?

As I was getting ready for this cruise, I was very excited about shopping for Addison ’s wardrobe. My favorite part was swimwear shopping. Following the rules of “babies grow up quickly” and seeing it with my own eyes with Addison, I figured it would be best to not invest too much in swimwear. It was a failed attempt. I could not resist, and ended up with 3 bathing suits. But I justified it by telling myself that I needed at least 3 in order to be well prepared on our cruise. And in the end, we did need all 3, so there.

This is what I found on my quest for the perfect baby bathing suits and cruise gear. There are limitless stores, catalogs and websites with baby clothes but I relied on my “go to” stores for this task. Also being a busy working mom, I don’t always have the time to do leisure shopping. My new mom shopping strategy is to online shop before I even set foot into these stores. I go online to see style options and price points.

The commonality between my “go to” stores is that they are all conveniently located in one mall. One stop shopping!

My “go to” stores are:

Janie and Jack for traditional styles.

BabyGap for trend and quality.

Old Navy for price value.

I purchased the navy and white stripe halter retro one piece ($39) at Janie and Jack. I choose this swimsuit for Addison’s first day on the cruise since I figured the weather was still chilly and this one piece provided enough coverage.

At BabyGap, I purchased the trendy black one shoulder with the floral attachment, also a one piece ($29.50) This was Addison’s trendy lounging by the pool outfit. This was the perfect style and I wished they offered it in adult sizes too!

Finally, at Old Navy I purchased the pink plaid bikini ($16.50) for Addison to wear while dipping in the Caribbean Sea .

As always, these 3 stores delivered, and my mission was accomplished. All 3 swimsuits were a hit! Attention Sports Illustrated, Addison is ready for the cover!!! LOL. But on a serious note, here is a mommy tip/info I’d like to share about these cute swim suits.

Most infant swimwear is produced with UPF 50+ fabric. UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor and indicates how much of the sun’s UV radiation is absorbed.

A fabric with a rating of 50 will allow only 1/50th of the sun’s UV rays to pass through. This means the fabric will reduce your skin’s UV radiation exposure which protects the skin from the sun.

Also, be sure to add on the sunscreen. I personally prefer Aveeno Baby Continuous Protection Sunblock with SPF 55 and Banana Boat UltraMist Baby Spray Sunblock SPF 50. This spray option was easy since no lathering or rubbing is required.

Safety First! I mean honestly who knew that tidbit about the bathing suits right?


p.s here are pics of Addison modeling all her bathing suits.


travel planning for smooth sailing with baby

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by city mom

I recently got back from a 9 day Carribean cruise with my family. It was our first family vacation and a much needed one. The cold winter days of NYC felt brutal this year or maybe we just had a serious case of cabin fever being first time parents. We spent most of the winter indoors because we were afraid to take Addison out in the cold. Needless to say, I was very excited about our trip and was seriously ready for some fun in the sun.

Since I’ve cruised before I knew what to expect, but bringing a 9 month old baby is completely different. Before we set off to sail, I had to prepare and pack all the necessities.

For some people, packing is simple, for me it’s a mission. I’m a bit neurotic and must have a “check list” to ensure I don’t forget anything. Now, I have double duty- packing for myself and packing for Addison.

Simple packing is ideal. We figured the fewer luggages we bring the less we will have to carry. So that was the plan. We tried to be clever and put all of Addison’s food, formula, diapers and anything disposable in a box which will eliminate a luggage when we return. This really worked out and we just threw out the box at the end of the cruise. Since it was a 9 day trip, I had to calculate enough food, formula and diapers for each day and added on 2 extra days worth of supplies in case of an emergency. I also knew that whatever else we needed we could get on the cruise ship. The rest of her clothing, toiletries, medicine and toys were in a carry-on luggage. My husband and I packed all of our clothing in one giant suitcase. For us, we selected outfits to be multi-functional, taking us from daytime to nighttime. This is when the term “less is more” describes my style: packing “less” clothes with the intention of “more” use.

Also, instead of bringing a traditional diaper bag, Rob and I invested in backpacks which allowed us to be hands free (best way to maneuver baby, luggage and stroller). Another investment, the umbrella style stroller! (this could be a whole another topic) We own the Bugaboo stroller but the bulkiness, and inconvenience of this stroller was NOT ideal for traveling. We instead got the Maclaren Quest stroller and it was perfect.

Finally, one important reminder when traveling: passport. Traveling rules have changed and nowadays a passport is required for infants. Since this cruise was planned months in advance, Addison’s passport was all ready for stamping.

All in all I think my precise planning and preparation paid off. It made our trip stress free and fun filled! I’m sure some of you can feel my pain of being a first time mom and the anxieties that come along with it. Well I’ve got our first trip under my belt, and I’m confident now and definitely ready for another one! Lol We do have a 4/5 hour road trip to visit suburban mom and the kiddies soon. I am looking forward to some fun times, just not exactly the car ride.


p.s here are a few pics of Addison while we were packing for our trip. It was taken on her 9 month birthday.

twins at 11 months old

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by suburban mom

my twins are 11 months old this month. i’m not one of those moms that knows how old their babies are to the exact day and hour. so technically i guess they are 11 months, and 14 days today to be exact.

well here are just a few of ryder and river’s milestones. they are pretty much doing the same exact things.

what they are eating: i have to switch it up every now and then because they get bored eating the same things.

  • in the morning i give them oatmeal, rice cereal or rice porridge.
  • bottle before an afternoon nap.
  • when they wake up, they have any fruits or veggies that we have in the house. sometimes i make a fresh veggie puree of sweet potatoes, summer squash, pumpkin, carrots, corn, peas. they like mashed up bananas with avocados (sometimes i add applesauce, grape sauce, mango puree, or any other fruits that are store bought)
  • bottle and a late afternoon nap.
  • dinner menu varies but these are some of the things i’m giving them: rice porridge (see my recipe), chicken noodle soup using orzo, brown rice and carrots, peas, and gravy, mac n cheese, chicken pot pie, brown rice and eggs, and whatever table food that we’re having suitable for them to try. i even let them have chicken curry the other day and they didn’t mind the spice at all. with each meal i let them drink water out of a cup.

what they are doing:

WALKING: both ryder and river are walking already. they actually started when they were 10 months old. they started cruising around furniture with one hand and going in a circle. now they are both walking and ryder (boy) is running like a fool around the house. and the more you chase after them, the more they run away from you. when ryder first started walking he would get overly excited and he would fall right on his butt. my girl river is more tentative and careful, she would brace herself and catch her fall and try to balance herself. so she has less tumbles. although at this point, no matter how much ryder falls down on his butt, he gets right back up and only wants to walk. no more crawling for these babies. now it’s just overtime work chasing after these babies.

TALKING: i’m teaching the twins vietnamese as their first language. i also did this with my older daughter. right now they are both clearly saying daddy and not dada anymore. and sorry first time moms, but they just won’t say mommy yet. i’m trying to get them to say mama. they just wanna say daddy. river (girl) is saying “ba ba oui” in vietnamese and translated it means something like hey grandma (not the exact translation but it’s sort of a word trying to get someone’s attention). river seems to be better at trying to repeat words clearly. they both try to repeat and mimic words and sounds and they love to sing. but they are both just talking a whole lot of jibberish and they won’t stop. they talk to each other in twin language and they always seem so serious. they are having conversation with each other as if they are really saying something. it’s very cute to see.

TRICKS: they each have what i call their own set of tricks. ryder knows how to tap his head when i ask him where his head is, he claps on cue, points to his feet when i ask him where his stinky feet are, uses his index finger to put in my palm when i ask him to play a game with me. river shakes her head vigorously when i say “no, no”, she nods when i say “yes, yes”, gives me a cheesy smile when i ask her to smile or show me her teeth. they both know how to give really tight hugs when i ask for one and slobbery kisses with a muah sound even. these are truly precious moments.

teeth count: ryder has only 2 and he just pretty much got them. river clearly has two on the bottom and 3 up top coming out, you can see the white. all she wants to do is grab her brother’s hand and bite his little fingers.

honestly i can’t believe that these babies are approaching their 1st birthdays soon. time is flying by and i’m trying to enjoy every moment with them, even when it gets hectic at times.